Weekly Team Update

For the week of 10/10/18 the Solar Canopy team discussed more ideas and tasks that can be added to the Gantt chart. The Solar Canopy team also observed a "prototype" sketch of a canopy on SolidWorks with existing parameters and specifications. The Solar Canopy team touched bases with related sub-teams to make sure we are on the same page. In addition to all of this, the Solar Canopy team will be preparing for the second presentation that will happen on 10/24.

Current Design Canopy Mount

Functional Specifications:
Canopy Width: 6m
Guideway Span Length: 3m
Solar Module: 1m x 1.6m x 1m
Estimated Weight for aluminum mount: 44.5 kg - 222.4 kg
Estimated Cost for system max: $600-$700
Energy needed by panels (still work in progress with wayside team): 340 KJ
Still currently working on specs with Guideway team, but we have a couple of specifications for the whole support system



  1. Full Scale Solar Team: good initial cad work, but I am confused on exactly how this will sit on top of the guideway. I know this is a preliminary sketch, but you will need to consider how this will mount to the top of the guideway, where the wiring harness will be routed, and what hardware the guideway will need to support your solar canopy.

    Talk with all of your full scale sub teams to find the total amount of power each team needs to power their systems (guideway, wayside, bogie, controls).
    Please read my latest post to ensure your team keeps up with Fall 2018 schedule http://spartansuperway.blogspot.com/2018/10/fall-2018-week-by-week-schedule_8.html


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Weekly Team Update

Weekly Team Update